Upload PNG

Submit an transparent PNG image to our stock.

If you would like to upload PNG image!

  1. Create an account
  2. Go to upload

If you have troubles contact us here [email protected] and we will unlock the upload feature for you

Our recommendations

  • Only High Quality
    • Skip all images less than 500px height/width. Skip all images with bad quality (pixeld) or not good cutted out. Also only upload images with a transparent background! If image is render or clipart select this as category.
  • Find a matching title
    • Please ensure to describe the title as best as possible. Don’t use words like png, image, royalty, free, download in the title. The title only has to describe what you can see. A good example is ‚Old Man with Icecream‘, ‚Mercedes AMG GT Red Car‘.
  • Find matching tags
    • The tags should describe the image best as possible. Think generally and go deaper to the topic. Don’t use words like png, image, royalty, free, download in the tags too. Give at least 5 tags to an image. You can always use the target category as tag. For the picture ‚Old Man with Icecream‘ good tags would be: man, grandparent, old person, holding icecream, smiling
  • Find a matching category
    • Select a machting category. We recommend to check the categories to see what kind of images are in the category. Please ensure that cliparts or rendered images are only allowed in the category Clipart or Render. Never put a rendered/clipart woman into people.